Katherine Metcalf having fun teaching Astrology!

Events and Teaching

As a Gemini, I'm a pretty chatty woman and also quite the bookworm!

I have a passion for learning and sharing what I know to be true. 

I am blessed to make a living doing what I love. Thank you for your support!

Once a month on a Sunday we gather in the comfort of my home to discuss various Metaphysical Topics. This is a non-judgmental environment. All are welcome and friendships are built here!  

I also host NEW and FULL Moon Ceremonies ONLINE in the winter months. I have found after many years of practice, that working with the energy of the Zodiac Signs and the Moon helps us to move forward with grace and ease.

I teach Astrology, Chakra, Intuitive Development and Tarot Classes at Black Hawk College and at my home.

I get invited to other locations to do talks and will post the events here!

I hope to see you soon!

Interested in Hosting an Event?

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Find Your Life Purpose!

Five Week Class at Black Hawk Community College in Moline, Illinois Events & Teaching

 The saying “To thine own self be true” has so much power. The more we know ourselves, the easier life can be! You will learn to use metaphysical tools to awaken your authentic self. We will utilize astrology, numerology, pendulum and tarot to gain a clear understanding of ourselves, our talents and our life purpose. Students will need to know their date of birth, exact time of birth, and city and state of birth. 

5 Wednesdays Oct. 16 - Nov. 13 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. 



Walking the labyrinth
Walking the labyrinth

Up Coming Events


November 12      7:30 Central

                            6:30 AZ time

This class is ONLINE on FB Messenger. You must sign up on Facebook, and prepay $13 on paypal. Then you will get an invite to the group!

FULL  Moons are a time of letting go and completion. Each month we will examine the shadow side of the zodiac sign and release the negative patterns. 

This month the Full Moon is at 19 degrees Taurus. Taurus has a tendency to be very stubborn and set in their ways. If this is an issue for you-then you should join us-we can release it together!

This ceremony allows us to address the energy, write it down and release it.

Taurus full moon.
Taurus full moon.


November 26th     7:30 Central time

                               6:30 AZ time

This class is ONLINE on FB Messenger. You must sign up on Facebook and prepay $13 to paypal to get the link to join the fun!

New Moons are a time of new beginnings!  Each month we invite the positive traits of this New Moon's zodiac energy to help us on our path!

This months New moon is at 4 degrees Sagittarius.  Sagittarius loves to have fun. They are full of optimism, energy and creativity. 

This ceremony invites in this exuberant energy so you can make the most of the month!

New Moon in Sagittarius
New Moon in Sagittarius