Astrology Chart and books


Astrology is the relationship between the planets, the zodiac signs and the 12 houses in a chart. Each house depicts a different area of your life when you are born. The planets are aligned in a way that is totally unique to you! 

Astrologers use your birth chart as the stepping off point for all other charts. A Natal Chart (or Birth Chart) is based on your birth date, exact time of birth and the location of your birth (city and state or country) Having this chart done is like having a personality profile done. You birth chart points out your talents, likes and dislikes, how you think and socialize, how you can earn money, the type of people you're attracted to and things that you need to work on and improve on. It is a very helpful tool in getting to know yourself or anyone else! Your birth chart is as distinct to you as your DNA!

When you meet with me for an Astrology reading-we meet in the privacy and comfort of my home. You may bring a notepad or a recorder if you prefer. You will be treated with respect, listened to and given clarity. Please read the types of Charts below and let me know which one best serves you. 

Astrology Consultation

Learn About Your Life Path

I hope you will join me on learning more about your journey! If you are a NEW client you must make a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit to reserve the time for an Astrology Reading. I spend several hours preparing charts and this helps re-coup costs if you choose not to honor our meeting.